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The Radiance Technique, Authentic Reiki is a (hands on) light touch reiki treatment where all 7 chakras (energy centers) are covered during the one hour session. 
Reiki is a flowing of healing energy throughout the body.

Sound Therapy with Singing/Tibetan Bowls. You may add the mesmerizing sounds of the bowls with your healing session. Wonderful for deep relaxation and expanding the peaceful state.

It is relaxing, peaceful, and a wonderful way to relieve stress. Each session can be transformative and relieve or lesson pain depending on what you are wanting to achieve with the treatments. It is a meditative hour of peace and tranquility. I ask clients if they would like me to hold an intention for them during their session. An intention can be related to healing or shifting something in the emotional or physical body or related to a desire in your life.
Relaxing music or a Guided Meditation can be played in the background during the hour (relaxation music by Michael Morris or other peaceful music) and can end the last 10 minutes of the session with the Singing/Tibetan Bowls.

You do not have to have any belief or expectation in order to receive the Radiance-Reiki, it is free-flowing though me (the attuned practitioner) to you.  It is a powerful way to ‘up the energy’ and clear the way for an enhanced life experience.

Reiki sessions can be provided at other locations in the near-Austin area: There is a $25 travel fee included into the Reiki price. Available locations include Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Pflugerville, and most of the Georgetown area.

There is a cancellation policy of $25 if less than 24 hours notice is given.

Reiki Classes:

Reiki Level 1 - A Beginner's Journey (Usui Lineage)

Level I is all about healing yourself with Universal Love & Energy. It is about learning to live from your Heart and learning to heal yourself from the inside out.

Learn the self-healing techniques Reiki Level 1 offers and begin enhancing your life experience. There is usually a sound healing meditation following the class. Please call Belinda Morris for a consultation to see if this class is for you, (512) 589-4075